The Distillery of Lammefjorden is keeping alive the ancient Danish craft of using potatoes for alcohol – by hand. The annual 10,000 litres of vodka that the boilers distil are 100% handmade. From the moment the potatoes arrive in crates to the moment they end up as mash in the distillery prior to bottling, every process is performed by hand.



All the potatoes have been discarded as unmarketable, because nature has made them too crooked, too angular or simply wrong when it comes to eating. But, instead of allowing the potatoes to go to waste, we mash and boil them with enzymes and foster the chemical processes that turn starch into sugar and maltose.



Fermentation. We heat up the sugary mash to 78º, sending the alcohol on its voyage of transformation through the 3 copper columns. In the columns we extract the alcohol again and again until we are satisfied with the quality. The alcohol is mixed with local water pumped directly from the subsoil of Vallekilde. It is all about creating the unique taste of Lammefjorden.


Det handler alt sammen om at skabe den unikke smag af Lammefjorden.